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You’ve Got 3 Seconds To Grab The Attention Of Visitors To Your Site

Did you know that studies show you’ve got approximately 3 seconds to grab your prospects attention with your website?

It’s true.

People make thousands of split-second decisions the moment they land on your website. If you fail to grab their attention they will click “back” and will never be seen again. After all, people are busy… they are tuned in to station WIIFM (What’s In It For Me)… they don’t have time to waste on websites that don’t offer them a specific benefit. So you need to grab their attention fast.

Now, the quickest and easiest way to grab attention is with a headline. Eye studies show that a headline is one of the first parts of a website people read. Unfortunately, most business websites don’t have a headline at all! Or if they do have a headline it’s the name of their business — not exactly “attention grabbing”. You need a headline that targets your customers needs, wants, and desires… and highlights the benefits they will get.

Your home page is the most important page on your website — it is the one page nearly everyone will see. Make sure it has a headline that “sells” people on reading the rest of your website.

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