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Website Makeovers

In this day and age many people and businesses already have a website. Some are proud of them and others are embarrassed. Perhaps a friends child built your site for you for free and you now realise that whilst it was a good idea at the time it probably wasn’t the best result. There are many reasons why websites require makeovers and the good news is that is often easier than you may think.

website-makeoverFirstly, consideration will need to be given to the fact that it may be quicker, cheaper and more effective to start from scratch. Remember, the aim is that your tired old website becomes a site that works, how you get there is a matter of choice. Whether your site is already built on a good framework and just needs some tweaking or it is a static html website that has been left behind we can help make your site one that you are proud to tell your friends and customers about again. Yep, we have met plenty of people and businesses that have websites (that don’t work) that they don’t even want people to visit them. Let’s face it, everything needs a new coat of paint every now and again. Contact Us for more details

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