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We will provide you with a fully functional website. website-development-essentialsYou provide the information for each section of the site and any pictures or documents as required and we will do the rest. You will be consulted during the Website Development process to ensure the best possible result is provided to you in the shortest possible time. Your site will contain key Search Engine Optimisation elements and we will carry out traffic generation services on an ongoing basis to ensure your site ‘works’. Click here for complete details

search engine optimisation

Having your website set up and maintained correctly with respect to Search Engine Optimisation is crucial. If you ignore this one website principle then you are instantly lowering the potential of your site. Time and again we have seen how a few simple SEO techniques have allowed sites to leap onto the first page of Google search results for competitive search phrases. Remember, having great content on your site is worthless unless your site is optimised well and you are getting visitors. Click here for complete details

traffic generation

seo-traffic-generation-resultsThis often goes hand in hand with Search Engine Optimisation. Imagine for a moment, you are a mechanic and you put your business phone number in the phone book under mechanics. You would expect enquiries from people who are looking for mechanics. Now imagine that you employ other techniques to drive customers to you. You might set up a stall at a car show, ask existing customers to spread the word, run competitions, etc. How much more business do you think you would get if you actually drove ‘traffic’ to your business? It’s the same online, getting your site listed on search engines is great (just like being in the phone book) but when combined with driving traffic to your site you will get infinitely better results. Don’t let your site sit quietly on the World Wide Web anymore.Click here for complete details

website makeovers

In this day and age many people and businsses already have a website. Some are proud of them and others are embarrassed. Perhaps a friends child built your site for you for free and you now realise that whilst it was a good idea at the time it probably wasn’t the best result. There are many reasons why websites require makeovers and the good news is that is often easier than you may think. Click here for complete details

website analysis

If you already have a website we can perform an analysis of it and present to you a report highlighting it’s strengths and weaknesses. We will also provide recommendations. Click here for complete details

webmaster services

We offer a full range of Webmaster Services ranging from updating website content such as images, documents and text to vetting emails and everything in between. Click here for complete details

domain name registration

Domain Names are like internet real estate. You need one in order to have a website (unless you host with some dodgy free company that puts ads on your site). We recommend everyone has a domain name of their own, even if you just use it to set up an email address so you aren’t tied to your Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you run a business then it is a simple case of professionalism to ensure you AVOID THE TRAP of having a free email provider such as Hotmail or Yahoo, after all, you are running a business not a hobby, and it is important for ALL your emails to arrive in peoples inbox…..not their SPAM folder!  Let us help youdomain-name-web-hosting with this often tricky little process filled with pitfalls for the novice that can see you paying much more than you need to. Click here for complete details

web hosting

Much like Domain Name Registrations, Web Hosting in another potential online minefield. With so many web hosting companies out there offering a barrage of different packages it is easy to become overwhelmed and confuse, not to mention ending up with a poor company. We have experienced many companies and only recommend one. Click here for complete details

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