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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as it is commonly referred to is somewhat of big hairy monster in the website industry. It is often a misunderstood critical ingedient to the success of your website. The easiest way to explain SEO is to use a metaphor.

Most people will have heard of Roger Federer, the tennis player many argue is the best that ever lived. If you break down the style of Roger Federer you will notice some interesting things. He has an incredibly accurate forehand, his backhand is textbook, his serve is effortless, his foot movement is outstanding and his mental toughness in those critical moments is world class. Roger Federer has attained the World Number 1 ranking in tennis. Joe Blogs who plays tennis socially from time to time is a different story. His forehand is mediocre, his backhand is almost non existent, his serve is weak and he is sluggish around the court. Obviously Joe Blogs is an amateur and isn’t concerned too much about his ranking but I am sure you are beginning to see the picture. Websites are essentially the same. seo-ladder-successIf you understand the principles of SEO then you can position your website to have a better ranking. The more you work it (practice) and tweak it depending on what your competition is doing the more likely you are to be ranked highly.

Having your website set up and maintained correctly with respect to Search Engine Optimisation is crucial. If you ignore this one website principle then you are instantly lowering the potential of your site. Time and again we have seen how a few simple SEO techniques have allowed sites to leap onto the first page of Google search results for competitive search phrases. Remember, having great content on your site is worthless unless your site is optimised well and you are getting visitors. Contact Us for further information.

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